Graduate Program for Lifestyle Revolution based on Transdisciplinary Mobility Innovation


What is a testbed?

A testbed is a demonstration environment to conduct experiments on various services and devices, including mobility devices and automatic delivery robots.

  • We design service demonstration environments at the University, corporations, and local areas to develop and conduct experiments on small-scale mobility devices and automatic delivery robots.
  • Utilizing design, we confirm the importance of a variety of factors during research development.
  • Highly sophisticated diverse testbeds are available.

To maintain the testbed environment, a local 5G network is being installed.

TMI testbeds

  • Autonomous mobile robot

    We are building a testbed called “Nagoya Experimental Site and Testbed” (Robot NEST) for autonomous mobile robots. The testbed area includes Nagoya University buildings and campuses as well as surrounding facilities. We aim to create new industries, research, human resources, and startup companies.

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  • EV (Electric Vehicle) sharing

    The EV sharing testbed utilizes a super-small EV sharing service platform within the campus. It offers opportunities for TMI students to participate in interdisciplinary/industry-academia co-creation research activities and educational program.

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  • Urban sensing [Nisshin city garbage collection trucks]

    In collaboration with Nisshin city, sensors have been mounted on Nisshin city garbage collection trucks, which regularly drive across the city. We aim to solve urban problems related to municipal services in cooperation with municipal governments and collaborating corporations using real-world data crawling of the collected data.

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