Graduate Program for Lifestyle Revolution based on Transdisciplinary Mobility Innovation


TMI Curriculum

Learning and practice at TMI

We will advance expert skills, acquire knowledge in different disciplines, understand the diversity of mobility in society, and realize co-creation of values!

TMI is a Graduate Program designed to foster abilities for “Transdisciplinary Mobility Innovation” through a five-year doctoral program for students who will lead the next generation of mobility innovation. The program approaches “mobility” from perspectives of various academic fields and aims to achieve social implementation. The unique features of TMI curriculum are briefly explained below for you to grasp what and how you learn to achieve the goal.

Feature 1: Three tiers of curriculum to foster “The Next-generation of Leaders for Transdisciplinary Mobility Innovation”

TMI Lifestyle Doctoral Research: In addition to your specialization, you will conduct doctoral dissertation research based on transdisciplinary mobility innovation such as industry-academia collaborative initiatives.

TMI Practice Base: We offer various opportunities to practically expand your laboratory research experience to the real world.

TMI Knowledge Base: TMI consists of vertical subjects to deepen specialized expertise and horizontal subjects to broaden viewpoints using knowledge from different fields. Students select subjects based on their specialization and interests, including transdisciplinary faculty discussion lectures and topics related to mobility innovation.

Feature 2: Social implementation opportunities by practicing what you learn

Variety of unparalleled experiences using the real world as your experimental field.

  • ORT (On-site Research Training):Survey and demonstrate onsite at local municipality, etc.

  • TDD (Testbed Design and Development): In collaboration with local municipalities and corporations, conduct demonstration experiments and collect real-world data at cities and facilities.

  • Venture Catapult: Form a team among students to plan and establish a venture company.

Feature 3: Flexible learning

Most lectures are archived as videos, providing a flexible online learning environment.
As of the end of AY 2021, the program’s portal website offered over 50 lectures for students to select according to their specialization and interests.

Pickup: Lecture & Activity

Transdisciplinary Faculty
Discussion Lecture

Teaching staff from different disciplines provide their perspectives on a topic in a discussion lecture.

Boot Camp

Intensive discussions on ideas related to lifestyle innovation in collaborative teams.

Pickup: Learning and challenges of a student
Place to expand your potential

TMI provides opportunities to interact with people from different disciplines, leading to diverse experiences. For example, I had an opportunity to think about the design of an automobile, which was an experience unlike my usual research activities. Furthermore, through opportunities to verbalize my research content and purpose, I gained confidence in my specialization. If you are considering enrollment but worry about the lack of knowledge in informatics or engineering, these fears are unfounded. If you have the desire, there are opportunities for you to learn about different fields.

Hinako Ichikawa (Graduate School of Humanities/ Specialization: French Literature)


We welcome students with diverse backgrounds, including those specializing in science or humanities with a passion to lead next-generation mobility innovations. We provide financial support for the students to concentrate on their program activities and research. For more details about the application period and graduate schools involved, please visit our website.

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